Sherman believes that every person has greatness inside of them.  He believes that everyone has the necessary gifts and abilities to make an authentic impact in the world. After all, his own personal story is one that reads like a script that was written in Hollywood. He was born in Arkansas, one of six children with no father in the home.  At a young age Sherman had to stay out of school to pick cotton to help support  his family. Because of this he failed two grades before he reached junior high school. He had an childhood eye accident; and because his family was so poor he was not taken to the doctor for treatment and he lost his vision in his right eye.  Despite these challenges, Sherman never gave up; at a young age he was able to see obstacles as opportunities.

Sherman graduated valedictorian of his senior class. He jokingly says that he was valedictorian because all of the smart kids had already graduated two years earlier. He went on to work his way through college and graduating with honors from University of Arkansas and later got his Master’s Degree from Indiana Wesleyan University, again with honors.

Sherman continued his learning and development as he successfully navigated the ranks of General Motors and later Eli Lilly. Prior to starting his own company, Sherman used his motivational speaking skills to speak at a number of corporations, like Catalent Pharmaceuticals, Patheon Pharmaceuticals, WellPoint, St. Vincent , United Way and many others.

Today, as a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and owner of The Whitfield Motivational Speaking, LLC Sherman’s high-energy motivational keynote programs have quickly positioned him as one of the fastest growing speakers in the market.  Sherman is driven on a mission to impact and inspire others to believe that, “There is Greatness inside of YOU… and YOU really can, make a difference in this world using the gifts that God already has given YOU!”

So, if you are looking for an authentic speaker who will energize, motivate, and inspire your organization with a great message about personal leadership, but also leave your team with practical steps that they can take to “Position Themselves for Success” then get ready for the Sherman Whitfield.  His story alone will inspire you to be the best that you can be.